The Big 0-2

I’m about a month and a half behind on this one but….Bear turned 2! I can’t believe my little munchkin is such a big boy. He loves playing with puzzles (mostly on the IPad), reading, playing in the sprinkler at Mama Dub’s house (have I mentioned that we have the best nanny ever?!), reading, talking, climbing daddy like a jungle gym and reading. 17 books a day might seem a bit excessive, but not for Bear.

We had a small get together with family at the house. Got this awesome shot of 4 generations. Gigi, Nonie, Bear and Josh.

And then we partied it up!

Pretty great pic right? Thanks Hayley!

Check out this sweet little guy.

And this even sweeter even bigger guy.


Too much cuteness for me to handle.

2 thoughts on “The Big 0-2

  1. Crystal says:

    If he needs a godmother, please consider my application. What a cutie!

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