My name is Afton. My older sister’s name is Amber. When we were children we would sometimes sing ‘America the Beautiful’ at church. I would make my parents change the lyrics to ‘for Afton waves of grain’ . It was the fair thing to do.

Creating is my passion.  I come alive when I am quilting, baking, drawing or painting. The thought of refurbishing old furniture makes me giddy (although I really ain’t got time for that) and witnessing the demise of the small town grieves me (all those beautiful old homes wasting away!) I am in love with my husband and two handsome boys who put up with me despite my love affair with chocolate chip cookies.

That’s only part of who I am, but I’m no wordsmith friends…gotta go, the sewing machine is calling.



One thought on “About

  1. Amber Marsolek says:

    Seriously? This is what you write about? Love it and love you.
    Amber (waves of grain)

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