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Summa Summa Summa Time

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This summer has been a lot of fun so far. Bear has been working on brushing his teeth and NOT been working on his potty skills.

In June my baby cousin Lindsay got married to a wonderful young man and Bear and I had the pleasure of attending their wedding back home in Missouri. Lindsay made a beautiful bride (as is the norm for the women in our family. Am I right girls?)


Have you ever seen such a good looking group of Bartons in all your life? Congrats Tim and Lindsay!

We took the opportunity to get a good pic of all the grand kids with Papa while everyone was all cleaned up.


We got to spend a few days in Oates and the cousins had a fun time throwing rocks in the creek. Amber and I spent many a summer day playing in that creek growing up.


‘E’ really loves Cousin Bear.


Grandma Metta and Aunt Enid came up from Florida for a visit, but none of my pictures turned out, too many squirmy kiddos.

Wish Amber could have gotten in on this shot.


Our good friends, the Taylors, threw an awesome party for the 4th of July with great food, fun times and awesome weather (interrupted briefly by a hail shower. Thank you Oklahoma weather.)
We all had a great time, especially Bear as you can see.



Happy summer everyone!

The Big 0-2

I’m about a month and a half behind on this one but….Bear turned 2! I can’t believe my little munchkin is such a big boy. He loves playing with puzzles (mostly on the IPad), reading, playing in the sprinkler at Mama Dub’s house (have I mentioned that we have the best nanny ever?!), reading, talking, climbing daddy like a jungle gym and reading. 17 books a day might seem a bit excessive, but not for Bear.

We had a small get together with family at the house. Got this awesome shot of 4 generations. Gigi, Nonie, Bear and Josh.

And then we partied it up!

Pretty great pic right? Thanks Hayley!

Check out this sweet little guy.

And this even sweeter even bigger guy.


Too much cuteness for me to handle.

Simple and Sweet.

Waaaaaay back in December, Josh’s cousin sent me some fabric and a sketch to make a quilt for her little girl ‘M’ who will soon be sleeping in a big girl bed!


Unfortunately, with Josh in grad school there hasn’t been a lot of free time for me to do much of anything. But I got a day off work for the 4th of July and got busy! It was medicine for my weary soul to be sewing again.


Pretty close to the plan?


I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to handle making the bow, but once I started playing around with the fabric it just took shape. I think it turned out pretty good.


Gotta have a little fun with the back.


And with all the left over fabric I just had to make sweet ‘M’ a matching quilt for her baby doll.


Sending it off next week. I can’t wait for her to get it!