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Birthdays and Babies

I love making homemade gifts. When I was a kid I would buy little teddy bears and hot glue lace tutus on them for birthday gifts for my friends. Looking back on that just now I realized what a lame birthday gift that must have been. If you ever received one of those teddy bears from me I’m really sorry; I owe you a Starbucks gift card.

These days I have a few more tricks up my sleeve that don’t involve hot glue and peach colored lace. But seriously, homemade gifts are just so much fun and this summer I had a handful of opportunities to make some seriously cute stuff.

Our good friends Heather and Eric had a baby boy and I had the pleasure of sewing a fitted sheet for his crib.

Unfortunately this is the only shot I got of it, but come on, grey and white polka dots? Adorbs. I LOVE making fitted crib sheets. They are super quick and easy and you just can’t find cute ones in stores. There is a great tutorial that I found over at (Love her stuff. Take some time to check out her site; you won’t be sorry. She’s so fun.) You can find the tutorial for ithere.

I also couldn’t resist whipping up one of my minky blankies for him. ROBOTS! Little boys are fun.


Josh’s cousin Laura and her husband Lance threw a party for their sweet little girl who was turning 1. Bear loved playing with bean bags at that age so I raided my fabric stash and sewed these little cuties up.


I filled each one with different size beans and rice that we had on hand so each was a bit different from the next in weight and feel. I picked up a container from the dollar bin at Target and Volia! A quick and easy bean bag toss game.


Josh’s other cousin, Les, invited me to her baby shower (All these cousins having babies is the best!) and I got to make her a couple of things. First I sewed up some flannel burp rags; you can never have too many. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of flannels at JoAnn’s. Pretty good right?


I found this great nursing shawl tutorial here and thought I’d try it out. They turned out pretty good, not sure how well they work, but it seemed like a much better idea than the nursing cover I used with B.20131005-122703.jpg


And last, but not least, our sweet friends Johnny and Anna’s little girl turned 5! They threw her a totally rad horse themed party and Anna made the most delicious and beautiful birthday cake covered in frosting roses. It looked too pretty to eat, but somehow we managed. I couldn’t decide what to make for sweet little ‘M’ so Josh stepped in and made an awesome suggestion.

And a reversible cape was made. What 5 year old doesn’t need a cape? You can find the tutorial here.


Well, that’s about it…Oh wait! There’s one other thing I’ve been working on…

That’s right, baby Deaner #2 is in the works.

This is my all time favorite thing to make! I should be finishing this big project up late March or early April. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!!

Leave me a comment and let me know what the best homemade gift you ever received was.

Cooking Up Some Fun

I guess since Fall is here it’s high time I show you what Josh and I worked on this summer.

I had been wanting to make Bear one of those super fancy Pinterest inspired play kitchens for a while and knew we had to scoop up this little beauty when I saw it on Craigslist. Only 30 buckaroos!


We didn’t have a lot of time to work on it due to just general business of the Nordean lifestyle but Josh was all in and spent his weekends working on it.


I had visions of grandeur… (Please ignore our neighbors car lot in the background)


But even without getting to spend as much time on it as I would like, it turned out pretty good. (Please ignore the crazy amount of junk in our storage unit garage).


I painted a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint for the refrigerator door. It’s pretty fun right? There is still a lot of work I want to do on it like add cute little spinning nobs and decorate it up bit. We might even add doors to make an oven, but who really needs doors when you’ve got imagination? Am I right? Bear seems to like it just the way it is so for now it sits in our kitchen ready for fun. Big props to Big Deaner for all of his hard work. (I seriously only handled the spray painting).


“It’s hot”, he says. “I’m cooking.”