Up Up and Away!

One of my dear friends from college, Chad, and his beautiful wife, Jil, just welcomed a handsome baby boy into their family. In honor of his arrival I just had to make…(what else?)….a quilt! Chad is a very accomplished sequential artist (check out his crazy drawing skills on his blog here) so I wanted to do something with a fun, comic-esque feel to it. After toying with some different ideas (super hero cape quilt?) I found this incredibly fun outer space patterned fabric and fell in love. Isn’t it just the best for a little boy?! Space ships, rockets, robots and planets. What could be more perfect?

These staggered strips make me think of take off. Into the great unknown!

And here’s the back. I tried something new with the curly cue quilting pattern on the large block and absolutely love how it turned out. Gives it a masculine vibe.

(What a great helper the Hubs is. Check out that righteous Chaco tan!)

I think it turned out pretty great. Hopefully it will bring joy to baby boy for years to come!

B tested it out and gave it his official seal of approval.

Materials Used:

Space Cream by Monoluna for Birch Fabrics (space ship print)

Aurifil thread

And I really can’t remember what the solids are. I gotta get better at writing this stuff down.

7 thoughts on “Up Up and Away!

  1. Afton – that’s great stuff!
    By the way – i couldnt’ help but notice Josh feed under the Quilt 🙂
    Guess that’s what you get when a guy watches a quilting blog-post!

  2. aftonjanelle says:

    Thanks Ferdi! Leave it to you to notice a very helpful and sacrificing husband.

  3. Adorable!!! You are one talented momma 😉 and you have one handsome little boy that I really really really need to meet in person!!!!! Miss you and Love you!!!!!!!

  4. Auntie Enid says:

    Absolutely beautiful. My orthodonist has quilts hanging in his offices. His mother is the quilter. When I asked Dr. Guelff who the artist was you could see the pride in his smile. “My mother “.

  5. Deb Olson says:

    Really nice work, Afton. Thanks for sharing

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