For the Love of Quilting

My Grandpa & Grandma V. ran a general store in my hometown of Oates, MO. By the time my sister and I came along the store had closed, but quite frequently a group of ladies would meet up at the store to quilt. It seemed to 5 year old me that everyone in Oates knew how to quilt. My sister and I would love to join in on the quilting sessions whenever our mom would take us. We’d sit on tall stools pulled up to quilts stretched tightly across 2x4s. With our needles, we would pull our thread up and down, up and down across the 3 cotton layers while all the ladies chatted about the happenings of the week. There, in the Silas V. General Store, I developed a love for quilts.

Quilting reminds me of home, of hard work and warmth. It binds me to the women in my family. It pulls me closer to my Creator.



And many more to come…

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